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    can visit● our stores anyti■me of the d■ay. We also p■ut all custom○er ratings and pr〓oduct views on○line, no matter if ●they are good o●r bad."Lu Re●nbo, Vice Chairman●, China Electronic C■hamber of Commerce,● said, "The key● competitive● advantage of an o○nline store is ■price. They〓 don't have to r○un an actual◆ store, or pay〓 any shipping ○or inventory co〓sts. That's why the ■sales prices of ■

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    e-shops are usually■ 10 percent lower t●han in sho◆pping malls. T■here is no● actual winn■er or loser in this ■game. Virtu■al and tra●nslational shops○ can actually be v■ery complementary t■o one another◆."Some say trad

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    acturers u●sually buy materials● in advance. B◆EIJING, April

    itio◆nal home appliance◆ shops still have ro○om to improve. Lu R◆enbo, Vice Chairman ●Chamber of Comm○erce, said●, "Traditional● stores co〓uld further diversif●y their product cat●egories. The are●as of home a〓ppliance

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    stores i●n China ar◆e thousands of squar○e meters. But t●hose stores la●ck the products to● support the use ■of large home ap●pliances."Many■ believe compe●tition between tradi○tional and online sa●les will conti●nue, and even in●tensify, this yea〓r. Price competit●iveness will b○e key. And■ analysts expe○ct overall prices t■o drop slig◆htly as a r●esult.China's Minis■try of Indu●stry and I〓nformat

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    ion T■echnology ○says home appli●ance sales in● the countryside〓 are increas○ing. The surge is ma〓inly the res●ult of the c●ountry's r●ural home applianc○e subsidy program.○ The progra○m has also help◆ed domestic ●man

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    ufactures〓 combat the g○lobal financial ●crisis. Fig◆ures show that durin〓g the firs●t 10 months of this〓 year, sales of ho◆me appliance■s under the scheme ●reached over 27 mil●lion units.● The total rev○enue was 5■0 b

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    illion yuan.Ind○ustry insider●s say the increasin◆g sales in the cou◆ntryside have off■set the impact bro■ught on by the● global fina●ncial crisi○s. Meanwhile●, manufacturers● have also chang〓ed their marketin○g and sale■ strategies to ■meet the surgin◆g demand from the ●home market. A●lthough China's■ home applianc●e industry● has reported a 20 ●percent drop in ◆exports this year◆, the sector'〓s t

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    otal outp◆ut remains unchan■ged from a year ea■rlier.Huang ●Wei, Vice Pr◆esident of TCL Cor〓p. said "Our com◆pany is shifting its● sales focu●s. In 2007, nearl■y 60 percent of● our product〓s were sold over●seas. The ◆r

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    ng. Home applianc〓es are proving to● be hot propert◆y, ahead

    ate dropped to 50 ○percent in 2008, a○nd 40 percent this y■ear."Xu Dongshen○g, Deputy Sec○retary Gen○eral of Chi〓na Household ◆Electrical A○ppliances As■soc. said "Duri●ng the first 9 mo〓nths of this● year, the combina?/p> of th■e C

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    e ■country's home a■ppliance sector〓 hit nearly 30 b●illion yuan. This n〓umber has incr〓eased 34 perce

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    nt ye●ar on year. We h●ave hardly seen a ri●se like this in rec■ent years. "The● China Household El○ec

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    trical Appliances■ Association says co●oling appli●ances are ■the most popular pro■ducts in the r〓ural

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    market. D■uring the f●irst 10 month〓s, the pre-tax pro◆fit of China's cool●ing appliance ma■nufacture

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    rs st■ood at 7.6 bill◆ion yuan, up◆ 46 percent year on 〓year. Meanwhile, th◆e sector's〓 net earning〓s

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    . S〓ong Linlin,

    hit 4.6 b○illion yuan, a〓 jump of 43 ■percent from a year ●earlier. The ●growth rate was ○the fastest

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    ● among all ty〓pes of home ■appliances. As p●art of overall effo●rts to push up domes●tic consump●tio

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    n, a scheme has○ been launched in s〓everal citie〓s and provinces of〓fering subsidies ◆to people who ●b

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